Wellness Garden

The Wellness Garden provides a green space for ASCEND members to participate in therapeutic gardening. Therapeutic gardening uses plants and gardening to promote health and wellness. This holistic therapy practice which is rooted in the principle that plants and people share the rhythm of life. Both plants and people grow and change and respond to nurture and climate. Participants will find that as they tend their plants and gardens, they will also tend their body, mind, and spirit.

Garden Club members can work on physical health through purposeful exercise (level determined by ability), fresh air, learning about nutrition, and practicing healthy eating.

Emotional health through stress reduction, connection to nature, creative expression, and successful outcomes with plants. Social health through social interaction, cooperative enterprise, and community building. And learn to work independently, problem-solving, and follow directions.

To learn more about our garden or to volunteer contact our Garden Coordinator Kayleigh Winne at kwinne@ascendmw.org.