We are redefining what a volunteer is.


Volunteering is no longer just volunteering your time.

The type of volunteering that we are advocating on behalf of our residents and clients are life skills.

Comfort Food Community – Nutritional Workshop at East Side Center
Flower Press Class August 2023

Agency LPN’s running a Wellness Workshop for ESC Members

Do you have a special skill or talent…art, craft, music or a special interest topic that you would like to share with others?  Would you be interested in giving one hour or so of your time to share your talent or a special interest topic?

Throughout our programs we offer a variety of groups and activities to meet the needs and enrich the lives of the individuals we serve.

Most of our groups and activities do take place at East Side Center for our adult psychosocial club. However, we do offer some in house activities for our residents, such as art groups, movie nights and many social activities.

Our goal is to offer groups and activities that are of interest. Many may learn or strengthen a life skill in our wellness- life skills group, practice communication/ assertiveness skills, create a work of art, participate in a music or creative writing group, volunteer in our wellness garden, and much more.

We’d love to have you join us!

Fill out our Volunteer Application:

For opportunities at either East Side Center or our Wellness Garden you can contact:

Program Coordinator Amy Wood at (518) 793-4799 ext. 275 or via email awood@ascendmw.org.

Garden Coordinator Kay Winne at kwinne@ascendmw.org.


All other opportunities please contact our communications coordinator Michele Morehouse at (518) 747-2284 ext. 229 or via email at mmorehouse@ascendmw.org.