Support Services focus on supporting and enhancing recovery and wellness by offering a variety of opportunities in a flexible, person-centered manner.  There is no charge for services, which are completely voluntary and based on individual goals and preferences.

East Side Center

Adult psychiatric rehabilitation program which supports personal growth and wellness through social, recreational, creative, learning, volunteerism, employment, and community participation opportunities.


The program offers transportation services to agency residents and other clients within the community (Warren & Washington Counties) for medical and non-medical purposes, such as laundry mats, grocery stores and pharmacies provides an essential component to successful community living.

Work Program

The ASCEND work program is facilitated and coordinated by East Side Center. The purpose of our work program is to provide supportive paid work experiences for members and clients of the agency. Our work program employees receive regular training and job coaching, all while providing a person centered, flexible work experience. The work program currently provides job opportunities for janitorial, reception and mail courier program.

Information & Referral

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